My wedding anniversary just happens to be February 11th – just 3 days BEFORE Valentines Day.  What was I thinking? With a birthday the day AFTER Christmas – how could I plan a wedding just a few days before Valentines Day.  When we decided to get married we decided to “elope” we were an “older” couple and did not expect my parents to pay for a wedding.  We then decided to behave like adults and use our hard earned money to purchase a house rather than spend it on a wedding.  My parents did manage to attend our wedding, so it wasn’t a real elopement – but that was about it.

Funny thing is that I was working on the flower business when we got married.  If you know anything about the flower business, Valentines Day is a big day – big holiday with big sales and long hours.  Why would I plan a wedding – albite small around a major floral holiday – I have no idea. But it has turned out well and we just celebrated our 24th anniversary.  This year my husband sent me flowers for our anniversary.  I know many people – mostly women just don’t appreciate flowers. But, since I have spent much of my professional life in the floral business, I really appreciate flowers more than most.  I understand the road they have traveled, how many people have handled them and what it takes to get them to look the way they do.

What is my point you say?  Well, my point is that if you get flowers for any occasion, please enjoy them.  I can guarantee that if you traveled the same road that they have, you would not look as lovely, pretty and colorful as they do.  Enjoy them>

Those who know me, know how much I LOVE Fall & Halloween.  I have made sure that my  house reflects the spirit of the season, so I have “accessorized” my home.  Here is what I mean

all set for FAll

Wisconsin pillow

I made a quilt top out of Wisconsin fabric that I have bought sometime ago. There is always left over fabric, so I thought that I would make some pillows. the Badgers alum meet on Saturdays at a local pub to to watch the game. There is a raffle every week for Wisconsin merchandise with the proceeds going to a scholarship fund and I thought I might donate the pillows to the raffle – wonder if they will like them? What do you think?

“The Help”

Do you have a pair of helpful hands around when you are working on projects? Here is mine


I don’t know about you, but I loved the movie “Julie & Julia” – the movie about Julie Powell, a girl who starts a blog and cooks through Julia Child’s cookbook entitled “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. The movie was fabulous, and the book was great as well.

Well, I happen to like to bake. I like to bake on Thursday nights – if you ask me why – I have no answer. However, I really liked baking and then bringing my baked goods in to work. The best part of the baking was sharing my efforts with my co-workers. They were never one to turn away any type of treat, they were the best audience/taste testers for my baking adventures. With that in mind, I started baking through the cookbook entitled: “Baked – New Frontiers in Baking”. The recipes are really good – using top line ingredients like special chocolates, sea salts and other ingredients. (They really do make a difference.) I was really enjoying working through the book. I only finished 6 recipes when, I got laid off from work…………..I am no longer employed (anyone want to hire me??????) – my job was eliminated in July and I was laid off. So,… how do I continue to bake on Thursday nights??? Let me make myself clear, I like to bake – I don’t like to eat it or keep it around the house. I have found that I really miss my Thursday night adventures in baking. What do you suggest?

Since I have been on this pillow case kick, thought I would share the Christmas pillow cases that I completed. The embroidery pattern is from a Crabapple Hill pattern. I have sewn up several of these patterns – I think they are really cute.

fall quilt

My first fall quilt – just a cute panel and I came up with the boarder ideas.