Yes, I should be upstairs, finishing Ev’s draperies – but here I am, sitting on couch and surfing the net.  If,…I didn’t screw it up – Ev’s drapes would be done.  I “finished” them last night only to find that one drapery is 1/4 to 1/2 inch off in length from the other. You know the adage “measure twice, cut once”, well,…………….. when I sew home decorative items, I calculate twice – at least twice, measure twice – and measure again for one more check.  So, when it is off like this – I am pissed.  So, now I need to take apart the hem of one drapery to make them both even.

I am making these draperies for a friend.  She had given me a queen sized duvet cover to make bedroom drapes.  She chose the same, matching duvet cover for her drapes as the one on her bed.  Fine – I can do this.  However, she wanted her drapes to be 88 inches in length and a queen duvet cover does not quite make the 88 FINISHED drape lenght, so I had to do some pieceing.  I have taken some pictures to document the process and will blog about this something this weekend along with the pictures.  I want the drapes done first before I post how I completed this project.  I will admit, I really like these kind of challenges – it requires me to think and get creative on how to make and assemble any given project.  Once the draperies are done, I have a baby quilt to make for a former co-worker – Kristi.  And then it is on to one of my projects.  I have a flannel quilt top to finish.  Then maybe some window treatments for the master bedroom.  I have a paper pattern hanging in my bedroom, test driving it to see if that is what I want.  I have decided I like the style, now if I could only find fabric that I want to use.

Oh well, I have two more projects to finish before I get to master bedroom window treatments.

So………………..what are you doing?