I love to add seasonal touches to my home –  here is a Halloween pillow case that I have done.  Love these on my bed!

Here is the finished version of the Halloween pillow case. I just love the colors of orange and black - they really pop.

Here is the finished version of the Halloween pillow case. I just love the colors of orange and black – they really pop.

I have not blogged for 2 years or so.  But, I have been sewing up a storm for the last two years.  I need to add pictures of completed projects and will post by the end of the week.  I have lots to post – custom baby bedding, quilts, and other projects.

map stool

red white and blue quilts 003 (more…)

Just one of my past completed quilts.   Making red, white and blue quilts are one of my favorites. 

red white and blue quilt

basting Valentine quilt top

basting Valentine quilt top

I have been on a real sewing frenzy this summer – I think having a rainy summer does not hurt. I don’t feel so guilty spending time in my sewing room working on projects. And……….we have had a lot of rain this summer but you won’t find me complaining – my grass is green, my flowers are growing and blooming and all in all – my yard looks pretty good.

So, while it rained, I finished up 2 quilt tops and one runner in July – all a red, white and blue theme. I will have to post pictures of those. It is now August and I have begun hand quilting a quilt top that is 20 years in the making. It is a Valentine quilt top that I made from a pattern in a BH & Gardens magazine from WAY back.    I KNOW I started this top before my son was born and since he is now 20 – it has been some time since I started the top.  I was ambitious – thinking I could make a king sized quilt.  After awhile, I made my goal more manageable, and completed a full-sized quilt.

Although I created quilts before this endeavor, I consider this one of my first major quilt projects.  I have learned much since I have pieces this top – I started hand piecing it, only to change and tear out and machine piece the quilt.  i now look at the quilt top and see my evolution of quilting.  So, here you can see my hand basting of the quilt top so I can hand quilt it.  It is now in a hoop and I have been doing some hand quilting at night while watching tv.  I know this is a project better done during the winter months, (the middle of summer is not the best time to hand quilt – too warm) but I hope to have this done by Valentine 2014.

Another project I have completed is a fun footstool made out of one of my favorite fabric lines – from Sarah Jane Studios.  I love maps and thought her map yardage would make a great footstool.  What do you think?

I have more fabrics from this line from Sarah Jane and am in the process of making two baby quilts to give as gifts to some co-workers for the new babies that are due to arrive this fall.  I will show you those soon.



Yes, I should be upstairs, finishing Ev’s draperies – but here I am, sitting on couch and surfing the net.  If,…I didn’t screw it up – Ev’s drapes would be done.  I “finished” them last night only to find that one drapery is 1/4 to 1/2 inch off in length from the other. You know the adage “measure twice, cut once”, well,…………….. when I sew home decorative items, I calculate twice – at least twice, measure twice – and measure again for one more check.  So, when it is off like this – I am pissed.  So, now I need to take apart the hem of one drapery to make them both even.

I am making these draperies for a friend.  She had given me a queen sized duvet cover to make bedroom drapes.  She chose the same, matching duvet cover for her drapes as the one on her bed.  Fine – I can do this.  However, she wanted her drapes to be 88 inches in length and a queen duvet cover does not quite make the 88 FINISHED drape lenght, so I had to do some pieceing.  I have taken some pictures to document the process and will blog about this something this weekend along with the pictures.  I want the drapes done first before I post how I completed this project.  I will admit, I really like these kind of challenges – it requires me to think and get creative on how to make and assemble any given project.  Once the draperies are done, I have a baby quilt to make for a former co-worker – Kristi.  And then it is on to one of my projects.  I have a flannel quilt top to finish.  Then maybe some window treatments for the master bedroom.  I have a paper pattern hanging in my bedroom, test driving it to see if that is what I want.  I have decided I like the style, now if I could only find fabric that I want to use.

Oh well, I have two more projects to finish before I get to master bedroom window treatments.

So………………..what are you doing?